Plenary Lecture

Kazunari Domen
(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Alexander Katz
(University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Ye Wang
 (Xiamen University, China)
“Water Splitting Photocatalysts for Solar Hydrogen Production”   “Molecular Design of Deactivation-Resistant Lewis-Acid Catalysts and Materials for Biomass Feedstock Detoxification”   “Bifunctional Catalysis for Hydrogenation of CO and CO2 into Lower Olefins”

Keynote Lecture

Marc Armbrüster
(Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany)
Masahiro Ehara
(Institute for Molecular Science, Japan)
Gang Fu
(Xiamen University, China)
“Intermetallic Compounds as Platform Materials in Heterogeneous Catalysis” “Theoretical Chemistry for Complex Systems: Nanocluster and Heterogeneous Catalysts” “Control the Selectivity of Hydrogenation Using the Organic Modification Strategy”
Nisanth Nair
(Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India)
An-Pang Tsai
(Tohoku University, Japan)
Xin Xu
(Fudan University, China)
“Probing the Mechanism of Antibiotic Resistance by Beta-Lactamase Bacterial Enzymes” “The Role of Twinning Defects on Catalysis in Au and Cu” “Beyond the Mean-field Microkinetics: Towards the Accurate and Efficient Theoretical Modelling in Heterogeneous Catalysis”
Ning Yan
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Youzhu Yuan
(Xiamen University, China)

“Chemical Production of Amino Acids from Woody Biomass” “Elucidation of the Structures of Tungsten Carbides for Regioselective Hydrogenolysis of Aryl Ether C-O Bonds”